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UPS Replacement & Backup Power Batteries

Given our long-time relationships with all of the major manufacturers across UPS Replacement and Backup Power Batteries, we at Static Power are happy to be providers of these integral products to our customers. In a time when keeping systems online has become crucial to any operation, backup power and/or steady uninterruptible power systems are the go-to technology to insure that you won’t be losing time and money as a result of unexpected power loss.

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Also due to our solid standing with manufacturers of these products, we can offer the highest quality UPS Replacement and Backup Power Batteries at unbeatable prices. Included in our inventory is a complete line of batteries for:

  • UPS systems
  • Telecom applications
  • Wet Flooded Batteries
  • Emergency Lighting Batteries
  • Critical Power Batteries
  • Backup Power Systems

Since we have access to such a wide range of manufacturers, you can trust us to give you unbiased product recommendations, tailored to your requirements rather that brand loyalty. Here is a list of the many providers we are working with at the moment:

Contact us today and speak with a Static Power representative, and we will happily answer any and all questions you may have in guiding you to the right product for your needs.

ups battery service


ups battery service


ups battery service


ups battery service

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