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FIAMM Industrial Batteries

Static Power is a proud FIAMM supplier for a wide range of industries including Government, Telecom, and Oil & Gas. Some of the products we supply include FLX, FAT, SLA, SD/SDH, and LM OPzS.

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Fiamm Industrial Batteries Distributor

FIAMM Industrial Battery Supplier

For over 70 years FIAMM Energy Technology has leveraged innovation and expertise to bring the best energy backup products and solutions to the market for every business. Thanks to this mentality we can predict the market necessities, guarantee clients satisfaction and build long-lasting relationships.

FIAMM’s vast experiences, deep understanding of their products, and ability to communicate with and understand their client’s requirements make them one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers in their industry.

FIAMM’s industrial batteries guarantee safety and reliability for the industries of telecommunications, energy storage, industrial processes, data transmission, and every application that needs a continuous and reliable energy flow. Their industrial batteries are crucial in a wide range of fields because they guarantee total dependability.

FIAMM’s Products

FIAMM Reserve Power Solutions offers a broad range of stationary batteries, designed to guarantee uninterrupted power supply in a myriad of applications.

Providing a stable power supply is a basic need for the integrity and security of data centers and data management sites. This is why FIAMM Energy Technology manufactures highly reliable UPS backup batteries with a maximized energy density that guarantees outstanding performances in high-rate discharge.

A brief look at a few of their battery options:

  • FLX: FIAMM FLX range of valve-regulated batteries has been designed to deliver the highest performances whilst combining excellent reliability and float-life.
  • FAT: FIAMM FAT range of valve-regulated batteries has been designed for high reliability and safety front terminal telecom installations.
  • SLA: FIAMM SLA range of valve-regulated batteries has been designed for applications demanding the highest level of reliability and security.
  • SD/SDH: The SD SDH range is the perfect choice when the application requires high power in a short period of time. The range is constructed to provide a high level of robustness and is designed for applications where high-energy peaks are needed in a short timeframe.
  • LM OPzS: The LM battery series is an OPzS vented range designed by FIAMM to meet DIN 40736 specifications. All products have been designed to provide users with a highly robust product family. The range has been developed for applications where discharge cycles need to be of the highest levels of reliability

Industries and Applications

FIAMM technologies have been developed and optimized over the years to meet different market needs. AGM-technology-based products are maintenance-free, as well as GEL-technology that enhances product behavior even in critical conditions. Flooded products ensure high-reliability thanks to low maintenance and a specific attitude to different discharge rates.

Applications their batteries can be used for include:

Static Power Services

Whether your equipment was purchased through us or not, our specialized team can aid in installation and maintenance. We know how important a constant power supply is, which is why we look to provide our customers with the best products and services out there.

From installation and maintenance to overall repairs and 24-hour emergency services, Static Power will resolve any problems quickly enough for them to not affect business. With performance tests and onsite monitoring, we aim to keep every power supply running smoothly and effectively.

Contact Static Power today to learn more about the FIAMM Industrial Battery System!

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