Panasonic VRLA Batteries

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Panasonic Battery Distributor

The batteries that Panasonic manufacturers are durable VRLA rechargeable batteries that are designed to give superior performance in enduring overcharging and over discharging, as well as withstanding shocks and vibrations. Panasonic’s batteries are compact, which saves on installation space, but still provide the same reliable power as other brands. Their special design and manufacturing process assures that their VRLA batteries offer outstanding resistance to leaking, and enables the batteries to be utilized in any position.

Some of the exceptional features of Panasonic batteries are:

  • Large power density
  • No maintenance operation
  • Fast ability to charge
  • Extended service life
  • Does not generate caustic gas
  • Outstanding deep discharge recovery 
  • Outstandingly high quality and reliability

Panasonic batteries are used in a variety of applications and are ideal for commercial and industrial portable power operations. To learn more about our Panasonic batteries and their capabilities, contact one of our highly trained sales reps today.

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