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C&D Technologies Battery Systems

Static power is an approved vendor of C&D Technologies products. As a C&D Technologies supplier, our experienced technicians can install, maintain, repair, and recycle C&D backup power batteries to meet all of your standby power needs.

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C&D Technologies Power Systems

C&D Battery System Supplier 

C&D Technologies, Inc., based in the United States, is a worldwide company that manufactures and markets equipment for the storage of electrical power and power conversion. They are a valued and leading manufacturer of electronic power supplies and reserve power equipment. C&D is a registered ISO 9001 producer for five factories worldwide and three of its R&D facilities. In addition, three of the factories are registered to TL 9000. C&D’s main business focus on reserve power equipment enables the main operators of utilities, telecommunications, infrastructure computer systems, and data transmission to continue operations when utility power becomes unavailable. Backed by over 100 years in the industry, C&D’s power systems provide proven dependable power. Static Power has a large amount of C&D batteries for your immediate needs.

C&D Technologies Backup Power Supply

Static Power offices a variety of C&D Technologies products ranging in capacity and size to meet any company’s backup power supply needs. C&D Technologies' product range allows companies to choose what fits their power supply demands, space, and budget.

An overview of some of their products includes, but is not limited to:

Industries & Applications for UPS Systems 

Static Power proudly offers products from C&D Technologies to numerous industries across the world such as medical, communications, and manufacturing. Some of the most common applications of their products include:

Static Power Services

As an experienced C&D Technologies supplier, not only will Static Power help choose and install the proper C&D Technologies batteries for your application, but we will provide expert maintenance and repair services afterward.

Our experienced team offers testing during installation to assure reliability, maintenance services, onsite monitoring, repairs, and 24-hour emergency services. In the case of an emergency, Static Power can provide you with temporary backup power supply equipment to keep your business running. Contact Static Power today to learn more!

ups battery service


ups battery service


ups battery service


ups battery service

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