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GE UPS Back-Up & Switching Equipment

GE is a world-wide leader for backup power protection. Their Automatic Transfer Switched and UPS systems are designed, manufactured and delivered to industries globally. This equipment guarantees that companies world-wide have managed and safe power supplies. 

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GE UPS System Distributor


Companies in today’s environment depend on safe and reliable power. A company’s critical processes require cleaner and more dependable power that what utility provides. GE’s Power Quality equipment has a power availability of 99.9999% by supplying instantaneous UPS back-up power and switching equipment, all while reducing or eliminating any disturbances on the protected equipment.

GE has the experience to back up their products, having spent 110 years developing and perfecting the reliability of power systems. Their products deliver top-rated performance and superior efficiency for the management of facility power protection. GE’s products help to assure that mission critical processes and equipment remain operational and are unaffected by power irregularities.

GE Products:

UPS systems (Uninterruptible Power Supplies): GE provides a comprehensive range of both single phase and three phase UPS systems that ensure a consistent delivery of clean and dependable power for applications that are mission critical.

Automatic Transfer Switches: GE’s Automatic Transfer Switches are a necessary component for backup power system. They near-instantaneously switch power between different power sources. This, coupled with features like high level diagnostics, integral metering, high-speed alarm captures and built-in outage reporting, GE’s products go well beyond simple source switching, ensuring safety and maximizing load uptimes.

Surge Protection Devices: GE’s Surge Protection devices are made to protect mission critical equipment from the damage that electrical surges can cause. GE offers a full line of SPD devices, including for use in service entrances, distribution points and also point of use. GE’s Surge Protection Devices are equipped to protect against the highest levels of surges that are common in both industrial and commercial facilities.

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