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Backup Battery Installation Services

Static Power offers complete backup battery installation & UPS installation services for all major brands of flooded, valve-regulated lead-acid, and NiCad batteries.  All of our installation technicians are factory and in-house trained to meet Static Power’s stringent quality standards. Installations performed by Static Power meet or exceed IEEE and manufacturer specifications.

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A UPS Battery has a typical life span of three to five years, dependent upon a number of factors, including the number of discharges, depth of discharges, environmental conditions, lack of maintenance, and decreased performance over time. While a UPS battery is efficient and useful, as it ages, the need for a new system becomes preeminent. At Static Power, we understand the importance of installing a new, high-quality battery that fits your specific needs.

battery installation service

UPS Battery Installation services include:

  • Equipment staging
  • Rack assembly and anchoring
  • Cell loading
  • Interconnect wiring and hookup
  • Performance testing

Our technicians will work with your electricians and maintenance staff during installation. If needed, we can provide the electricians for battery equipment installation.

Static Power can provide spill containment systems and other safety-related equipment for the batteries to ensure the safe operation and storage of the batteries. We will also remove and dispose of old batteries using EPA-certified recyclers, ensuring proper disposal of the batteries.

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ups battery service


ups battery service


ups battery service


ups battery service

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