Kokii Battery Monitoring Equipment

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Kokii is a leader in the field of battery monitoring, having pioneered the technologies and platforms to effectively monitor millions of batteries, world-wide. Kokii’s latest technologies have revolutionized the way that batteries are monitored. Kokii’s battery monitoring systems enable their customers to track internal resistances, database, data transfer and trending analysis directly to their web sever, enabling them to access their battery data, regardless of time or their location.

Kokii’s largest endorsement, however, is the successful installations of thousands of their systems world-wide. For guidance on Kokii products, contact one of our knowledeable representatives today. 

Whether your need is for high, medium or low capacity UPS systems or for DC systems, Kokii will provide the security of always having real-time information on your mission-critical batteries. Contact one of our professionals today for a detailed quote on Kokii products.

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