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Electrical energy is needed everywhere and in more and more applications. In this world where everything becomes electrical, HOPPECKE is the solution partner who understands the customer's needs better than anyone else.

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HOPPECKE Batteries Supplier

HOPPECKE offers energy storage solutions as lead-acid- or nickel-cadmium industrial battery systems in almost any application where critical backup DC energy is needed. Having ISO 9001, 14001, IEC, DIN, TUV, DNVGL and many other international standards and certifications, Hoppecke is one of the highest quality batteries on the market today.


Hoppecke designed and put into market several important accessories over and above the high quality of the cell itself. Fully insulated inter-cell connectors for ‘no-touch’ highest safety systems. AquaGen ™ gas recombination flame arrestors to reduce hydrogen emissions as much as 98% and reduced watering and maintenance costs.


Hoppecke designs and manufactures flat and tubular plate flooded lead-acid batteries and the highest quality and longest life nickel cadmium battery, the ‘FNC’ or fiber nickel cadmium battery. Because Hoppecke has so many options to choose from, listening and understanding what the customers load profile is critical in which to choose the right technology.

Flooded Lead Acid: ‘grid|power’

  • VX – Extremely high-rate low cycling pure-lead for nuclear, hydro and other fast discharge applications.
  • VH – High-rate, high specific gravity for UPS and other high-rate applications.
  • VM – Medium-rate, general purpose flat plate option. 
  • VL – long-rate or cycling tubular plate option.

VRLA Lead Acid:

  • VRM – Medium rate AGM flat plate with enhanced GEL electrolyte to eliminate dry-out.
  • VRX – Fast-rate AGM and high-temperature applications.
  • VRX-FT – Front terminal telecom specific 12V blocks.

Fiber Nickel Cadmium ‘FNC’:

  • X – Extremely fast rate, high cycling, large temperature range 25 year warranty.
  • H – High-rate, high cycling, large temperature range 25 year warranty.
  • M – Medium-rate, high cycling, large temperature range 25 year warranty.
  • L – Long-rate, high cycling, large temperature range 25 year warranty.
  • VR – Valve regulated, ultra-low maintenance, high cycling, large temperature range 25 year warranty.

Static Power Services

Whether your equipment was purchased through us or not, our specialized team can aid in installation and maintenance. We know how important a constant power supply is, which is why we look to provide our customers with the best products and services out there.

From installation and maintenance to overall repairs and 24-hour emergency services, Static Power will resolve any problems quickly enough for it to not affect business. With performance tests and onsite monitoring, we aim to keep every power supply running smoothly and effectively.

Contact Static Power today to learn more about HOPPECKE batteries!

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