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Refurbished UPS Systems & DC Equipment

Static Power believes in making things last and in providing top quality products to our customers at the fairest prices possible. To this end, we have developed an entire line of in-house refurbished equipment. Our stock of refurbished UPS Systems and DC equipment is constantly evolving and changing, with offerings ranging from 500VA to 750kVA.

To a lot of companies, “refurbished” means that a piece of equipment has been cleaned up, perhaps had a single part replaced, and gone through a limited testing process. But at Static Power, we are committed to honoring the true meaning of “refurbished.” Each refurbishment process takes place in our 20,000 square foot distribution and warehousing facility, using state-of-the-art equipment. For every UPS, DC plant, rectifier, or inverter (among other products), we remove and replace all internal consumable components with new components. This includes pieces such as capacitors, fans and control batteries. Without this attention to internal detail, we wouldn’t feel ethical providing these products to companies that will be depending on them. We even take the extra time to repaint equipment and repair the scratches and scuffs a system receives in the field. This way, you take with you a product that not only performs like new, but also looks and feels like new.

In addition, before we permit any refurbished equipment to leave our hands, each piece goes through a highly thorough testing process. We will not sell anything that does not operate at its full capacity. Due to our dedication at the front end, you are provided with years of worry-free operation. In many cases, we even offer the same warranty on our refurbished equipment as the manufacturer offered when it was new.

Contact us today for more information on our refurbished DC equipment and UPS systems. We will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

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