Emergency Lighting Inverters & Systems

In any facility with a large or complicated layout, emergency lighting inverters (ELIs) are extremely important, as well as being federally mandated. These systems are designed to foster personal safety and allow the safe evacuation of a building during a power outage or failure. Without an emergency lighting system, occupants of a facility are left in the dark, and may become disoriented and have a sense of panic. Emergency lights help people navigate calmly and with care and attention.

Since the demands of these systems are so integral to safety, the system must work flawlessly in all situations. To ensure this, Static Power places high demands on the reliability of the emergency lighting systems we provide to customers. Each and every ELI we offer meets IEEE and UL regulations and can be custom suited to fit your specific requirements.

Through our longstanding relationship with Myers Power Products and Eaton, we supply a full line of emergency lighting systems that is sure to contain the perfect product for your requirements.

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