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Acquired Elgin Warren and Delta Products

PECO II Power Equipment Distributor  Elgin Warren Power Systems Distributor

PECO II is a leading manufacturer of power equipment products in North America and is backed by over seventy two years of experience. PECO II manufacturers a wide array of products and have the right solution to fit their customer’s specific power equipment requirements.

Since its inception, PECO II has had a continuing commitment to quality and is a fully certified TL 9000 company. Every PECO II product is assembled in the United States, mainly at their headquarters in Galion, OH.

PECO II offers a large array of equipment that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the customer. Whether the requirement is for a large central office of for a small rack or cabinet application, PECO II’s broad array of products, from 3 to 10,000 Amps, are designed to provide the custom and reliable support that is needed. To help implement these systems, PECO II has a full suite of engineering and installation services for every application. If you have questions about PECO II, Elgin Warren and/or Delta Products, contact us today for answers.


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