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Mitsubishi UPS Systems

As well as being a Mitsubishi Eclectic Authorized Service Partner, Static Power is a Mitsubishi Electric supplier for a wide range of industries.

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Mitsubishi Electric Supplier

Mitshbishi Electric Products Distributor

Mitsubishi Electric is a global leader in the manufacturing of true on-line, high efficiency, double-conversion UPS systems. They offer a broad array of UPS systems, both single-phase and three-phase, with a wide range of kVA sizes for both single module and multiple modules. This allows Mitsubishi Electric to meet the needs of nearly every critical power application.

Mitsubishi’s UPS systems provide industry-leading, exceptionally high efficiency at every level of load, while still maintaining the protection offered by and benefits of a true on-line, double conversions UPS system. This leading technology is due to Mitsubishi’s completely digital, 3 level IGBT inverter and converter.

At Mitsubishi, they understand the importance of not only a quality UPS system but of a UPS that decreases damage and excess expenses during emergency power outages.

Mitsubishi Electric Backup Power Supply

Static Power offices a variety of Mitsubishi Electric products ranging in capacity and size to meet any company’s backup power supply needs. Mitsubishi Electric product range allows companies to choose what fits their power supply demands, space, and budget.

An overview of some of their products include, but are not limited to:

  • Three Phase 10 to 80 KVA
    • Typically utilized in smaller to medium-sized operations
  • Three Phase 80 to 750 kVA
    • Utilized mainly in small to medium-sized data centers
  • Three Phase 1050 kVA & Greater
    • Used in large data centers
  • Single Phase 6 to 12 KVA
    • Best for smaller systems

Industries & Applications for UPS Systems 

Static Power proudly offers products from Mitsubishi Electric to numerous industries across the world such as medical, communications and manufacturing. Some of the most common applications of their products include:

Static Power Services

Being an Authorized Service Partner for Mitsubishi Electric, not only will Static Power help choose and install the proper Mitsubishi Electric UPS system for your application, but we will provide expert maintenance and repairs services afterward.

Our experienced team offers testing during installation to assure the efficiency, maintenance services, onsite monitoring, repairs, and 24-hour emergency services. In the case of an emergency, Static Power can provide you with temporary backup power supply equipment to keep your business running. Contact Static Power today to learn more!

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