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Communications/Information UPS Systems

Static Power provides technical sales and support for back-up and emergency power supplies for the communications and information (IT) industries.  We offer complete services, including design, product selection and sales, installation, testing and maintenance.  Our systems can be designed for any size installation, from small PBX servers to large, multi-server networks. 

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Our engineering and technical support staff works with each client to design and recommend the products that will meet the specific requirements for back-up or emergency power supplies for your communications or IT facility.  Our goal is to provide the emergency or back-up power units for your critical systems so that they remain online and that emergency communications and lighting are available to keep your facility operating safely until full power is restored.

We offer turnkey power protection equipment and services for the following telecommunications and information technology products.

  • PBX servers, for both small single-unit servers and large systems
  • Telecom power units
  • Server and computer room power systems
  • Communication closet systems
  • Broadband and network server systems
  • Disaster recovery

Static Power’s products and services include:

Power unit engineering and design – Our engineers and technical staff will review your requirements and design a system to meet the back-up power requirements for your IT and communications equipment.

Emergency back-up and UPS systems – A full line of emergency and back-up power systems and uninterruptible power systems (UPS) is available, including:

We provide equipment for all size installations, ranging from small, single unit PBX servers to large server networks.  Static Power works with the major manufacturers of power protection equipment and will design and recommend a high-quality and reliable system for your installation.

System installation – Static Power’s technical staff provides expert installation for all our systems.  They perform complete testing of each system to ensure that it is working properly.

Maintenance – We offer comprehensive, on-site maintenance of your back-up power protection systems.  This includes maintenance, removal and recycling for batteries, repair services, monitoring and testing of systems.  In addition, we provide exclusive maintenance support for many manufacturers for existing systems.  Static Power will provide maintenance for your system, whether we installed it or not.

Contact us for recommendations on a power system design for your communications or information technology equipment.

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