Power Conditioners

A power conditioner is a device that improves the quality of power that is delivered to electrical load equipment.

Power conditioners vary widely in functionality, as well as size, with both usually determined by the application. Some power conditioners provide only minimal voltage regulation while others provide protection from half a dozen or more power quality problems, such as harmonics, reactive power, power line flicker and resonance. Units may be small enough to mount on a printed circuit board or large enough to protect an entire factory.

Reliable operation of microprocessor based systems requires a high degree of stability for the AC power source. Additionally, equipment has become more susceptible to poor quality AC power over time. Because of these factors, it is highly recommended that the power required for critical applications pass through a conditioning device.

Static Power offers a variety of power conditioners from all of the leading manufacturers, allowing us to find the best solution for your application. Please contact us to learn more or for a detailed quote on our power conditioners.

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