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Acquired: SCI, Elgar and HDR

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AMETEK-Solidstate Controls is one of the world’s top manufacturers of UPS systems, rectifiers, inverters, cathodic protection systems and electroplating rectifiers with a focus on industrial process and power generating clients. Established in 1962, AMETEK-Solidstate Controls has over 35,000 systems installed worldwide, including supporting over 85 nuclear power plants.

At AMETEK-Solidstate Controls, every system they sell is specifically designed and custom built to order. With so much relying on constant power, our industry leading, highest available rating of mean time between failure (18 years), means that you can count on our equipment to reliably keep your business running. The fact that our systems have a 40 year life expectancy means that your business can keep operations running smoothly at a very low overall cost. If you have questions about Ametek, Elgar, HDR, or  SCI products, contact one of our experienced representatives today.


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