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Formerly HITRAN Power Systems

Hindle Power Systems Distributor


HindlePower has been making industry leading constant voltage float battery chargers for over thirty years. HindlePower’s products and staff provide the highest level of equipment for all major industries, globally.

In addition to their standard offerings, HindlePower also offers custom-tailored and designed solutions using DC and AC power supplies, converters, inverters, distribution panels and rectifiers. HindlePower can configure their equipment to suit the customer’s individual requirements.

In 1978, the SCR/SCRF model charger was released. Since then, it has been time-tested and proven itself as the leader in utility chargers in the industry. The SCR/SCRF series has since been followed by the microprocessor controlled AT10 chargers, released in 1992. To learn more or get a detailed quote on Hindle power products, please contact one of our experienced sales reps today.

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