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Disaster Recovery Services

Static Power provides disaster recovery services to replace critical power equipment after a catastrophic power failure.   Static Power will react immediately to provide your plant with emergency battery backup power options to get your business back online. 

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We have the following equipment available for quick delivery to your facility:

disaster recovery services

Our team will deliver the equipment you need to your plant or facility and provide the technical support to get the equipment up and running to minimize downtime due to power loss.

Our 24/7 customer service center is available to respond to your call, regardless of when the power loss occurs.

Static Power has a wide selection of power equipment available that can be mobilized to provide emergency power supply for your plant in the event of a catastrophic power loss.  If the equipment you need is not in our inventory, we will source the equipment you need quickly using our extensive industry contacts.

We will provide equipment to get power to your plant or facility immediately, and will work with you to repair your existing equipment, or purchase new equipment, for a permanent solution to the power outage.  Our goal is to minimize the downtime and any damage resulting from a loss of power, and to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

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