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Static Power provides back-up power solutions for facilities and systems, so that you have the security of knowing that your equipment is protected from power outages and costly downtime.  We provide turnkey technical sales and services for power protection equipment across all industries.  Our nationwide network of experienced engineers and field technicians provide consulting, design, sales, installation, testing and maintenance services on UPS systems, DC power plants and battery banks.

We provide power solutions to all industries, including:

  • Communications and Information (IT) – We provide back-up power systems for telecom power units, PBX and network servers, communication closet systems and computer and server room power systems.  We also provide disaster recovery services to provide emergency power when power is lost to the system.
  • Education – Static Power provides back-up power systems for whole facilities, as well as for point of use computer and communication systems.  We will ensure that critical systems in laboratories and security operations are protected against power loss.
  • Government – Our back-up power solutions for computer systems, communications, security and facilities allow critical services to continue to operate in the event of a sudden loss of power.  Disaster recovery services can provide power in the event of a catastrophic loss of power.
  • Insurance and Finance – Our power solutions for computer and communications systems provide security and protection against the loss of data and service outages to customers.
  • Medical, Pharmaceutical and Research – Static Power provides power protection for critical systems that cannot withstand a loss of power, including emergency rooms, critical care units and research laboratories.  Computer, security and emergency lighting back-up systems provide additional safety.
  • Petrochemical and Energy – Our back-up power solutions provide emergency power for processing plants,  facilities and offshore or isolated installations to keep the plants operational.  We also provide power conditioners and power distribution units (PDU) for energy plants and facilities.
  • Property and Facility Management –Static Power’s back-up and emergency power systems can provide power for all systems in a facility.  We provide back-up systems for communications, computer systems, lighting and HVAC, as well as disaster recovery services to provide external emergency power during critical outages.
  • Transportation – Our back-up and UPS systems provide emergency power and lighting systems for transportation yards, warehouses, computer servers and communication systems. Your transportation hub or warehouse can remain operational, and valuable inventory in refrigerated or humidity controlled warehouses will not be damaged.
  • General Industry – Static Power provides power solutions for computer systems, emergency lighting, security, communications systems and general facility back-up power.  Critical systems will remain online to provide safety for your staff, secure your data and allow your operations to continue.

Our expert staff works with each client to design an effective, efficient back-up power system that will meet their exact power protection needs.  Static Power is your single-point solution to your power requirements, ensuring that your business is protected from sudden power loss. Don't see your industry or application listed? Not to worry- our experts have experience in many different fields. Please contact us today to learn more.

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